The services we provide are as follows:

  • High quality T-shirt screen-printing and pressing (up to 4 laters and 300 units max). Please message us via the 'Contacts' section for details and a personalised quote. 
  • High quality screen-printed art prints of your original artwork (up to 4 layers of colour/200 units max. Maximum A3 size). 
  • Tailored screen-printing workshop co-ordination (see 'Workshops') 
  • Graphic Image Design from the artists featured. You will be redirected to the relevant artist to arrange projects.

Contact us via this website for bookings and with any ideas or questions you may have.


There is a £30 preparation charge for every screen/layer you may want within your design. Each print of each layer is charged at £2 each after that.

Materials are included but clothing and substrate (paper/fabrics) are added separately. You are encouraged to provide your own should you wish to. We have a wide variety of garments available so please get in contact for a free catalogue. We will work together to fulfil your needs and bring your project to life.