The Minesweeper Collective was created by a group of printmakers, artists, musicians, builders, salty dogs and well-wishers who gathered together in 2012 to renovate a badly damaged 110ft double floored Minesweeper moored in Deptford Creek, SE London. After dealing with the initial devastation we built and constructed a fully functioning screen-printing studio and creative space as well as a library, music venue and workshop area over the coming years. Within this construct we provided support for outside creative and public workshops with a range of activities and opportunities such as access to equipment and training with exhibition opportunities. We arranged Co-operative status as well as a long period of stability which would have housed our spacious DIY creation for a long time into the future. This all came to a sudden halt however due to a sad occurrence which threw our entire effort into disarray.

Spectacularly, in January 2017, a fire occurred due to a wood-burner malfunction which spread and destroyed our space, meaning our beloved vessel could no longer be used. It has been a difficult obstacle to face yet has provided many new, exciting possibilities.

After a well needed period of reflection and regrouping we have consolidated our activities and planned a new formula to continue the Minesweeper project. Due to the efforts and donations of our wider network, crew members and supporters, we have been able to purchase brand new printing equipment as well as other creative toys and necessities to do so, as well as finding a new base within a year. 

As well as the activities listed on this site, we are assembling a collaborative archive/book project 'Minesweeper' to document our new artwork, printed books, residencies, and projects. We hope it will continue to support our network in London and beyond, who have been such an important part of our process and recovery as a group – starting from now! 

As before our public workshops and events will be a central part of the project which we hope will thrive in their new formats and locations. We want to thank all those who donated, helped and provided the necessary support for all this to become a reality – again. Please enjoy our new site and online shop and feel free to send us any links or graphics you would like to have featured in our new collaborative enterprises. Avast ye and see you all soon! 

- Minesweeper Collective

(for more information on the project history and roots please visit our 'Aboard the Minesweeper' History Blog).